Set between World War II and the moon landing, this gripping narration follows the triumphs and tribulations of Beatriz as she navigates trying circumstances.

After a life of parental neglect and her father’s death, Beatriz is sent to an orphanage where she seeks a righteous path, memories of an absent mother and abusive father still fresh in her head. When she changes to improve her life, the convent is not all that it seems. As she grows into a woman, intelligence, ambition and seduction propel Beatriz to unprecedented heights in the religious order.

A dreamer with a sharp mind, Beatriz later renounces her vows to reclaim her youth and beauty. As a layperson, her brilliant green eyes and captivating personality position her in the upper echelon of social and business life amidst a secret double life. Now the wife of a successful business magnate, she must struggle with her lesbian inclinations as she inherits an incredible amount of wealth.

As a widow, she harnesses her unique qualities to lead a multinational corporation. With the world at her fingertips, could Beatriz’s ending be just as tough as her unfortunate beginnings?